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The Standard in Apple Enterprise Management

Jamf is the only Apple Enterprise Management solution of scale that automates the entire lifecycle of Apple in the enterprise, including device deployment, management and security, without negatively impacting the end-user experience or requiring IT to touch the device.

Enhance productivity and lower support and operational costs by unlocking the power of Apple and Jamf today.

Jamf for Apple Enterprise Management

In Jamf’s e-book, How Apple Enterprise Management Goes Beyond MDM, Jamf explains what Apple Enterprise Management is and why it isn’t a plus, it’s a must for your enterprise fleet. When you’re ready, contact us for a free trial and see the power of managing your enterprise fleet for yourself.

Jamf’s Portfolio of Apple focused solutions will help you


Securely connect users to resources they need to be productive and self-sufficient.


Automate every aspect of device and application management.


Adequately protect devices, data and user privacy.

Interested in learning more?

Reach out to us or click one of Jamf’s products below to learn more.

Jamf Pro
Jamf Now
Jamf Connect
Jamf Protect
Jamf School
Jamf Pro

Device Management for IT Pros

As Apple device adoption continues to grow in organizations around the globe, the need for an enterprise Apple management solution has never been greater. Jamf Pro is the industry-leading solution for managing Mac, iPad, iPhone and AppleTV.

Jamf Pro empowers professional I.T. administrators with powerful workflows for inventory, app management and security while also protecting end user privacy. Best of all, Jamf Pro preserves the world-class Apple experience that end users know, love and expect in the workplace.

Jamf Pro Overview

Learn more about Jamf Pro

Download Jamf Pro Overview (PDF)

Jamf Pro Overview

Download (PDF)
Download Why UEM Falls Short (PDF)

Why UEM Falls Short

Download (PDF)
Jamf Connect

Reimagine how users authenticate to Mac devices

In an age of increasingly mobile devices, configuration is crucial as employees perform their jobs in a cloud-based environment without the requirement of connecting to the corporate network.

Jamf Connect puts control back into your hands by giving you the flexibility to centrally and remotely manage users, groups and passwords. It also gives you access to corporate applications and cloud resources, providing an evolved approach to identity and security.

Jamf Connect Overview

Learn more about Jamf Connect

Download Jamf Connect Overview (PDF)

Jamf Connect Overview

Download (PDF)
Download Modent Identity Management (PDF)

Modern Identity Management

Download (PDF)
Jamf Now

Cloud-based mobility management

Ideal for small businesses, Jamf Now empowers you to set up, protect and manage devices — all from one place. Devices are configured quickly and consistently while apps are centrally deployed and security is enforced remotely.

Maintain inventory views, view device details and manage it all with the simplicity of Jamf Now.

Comparing Jamf Now and Jamf Pro for mobile device management

Learn more about Jamf Now

Download Jamf Now Overview (PDF)

Jamf Now Overview

Download (PDF)
Download Jamf Pro and Now for Business (PDF)

Jamf Pro and Now for Business

Download (PDF)
Jamf Protect

Endpoint protection built exclusively for Mac

Jamf Protect builds off of Apple's core security approach for macOS and amplifies it with better preventions, stronger controls, broader visibility and remediation that adapts to your environment — without compromising security or Apple’s signature user experience.

By further aligning with the Endpoint Security Framework in macOS, Jamf Protect supports the latest Apple software and hardware on the day of release, including Big Sur and M1 based Macs.

Jamf Protect: Endpoint security for Mac

Learn more about Jamf Protect

Download Jamf Protect Overview (PDF)

Jamf Protect Overview

Download (PDF)
The Guide to Successful macOS Security Incident Response (PDF)

The Guide to Successful macOS Security Incident Response

Download (PDF)
Jamf School

An intuitive, powerful solution

With school and district IT administrators wearing so many hats in an ever-changing learning environment, it's important that deploying and managing Apple devices for teachers and students runs smoothly and efficiently.

That's why Jamf School is purpose-built for Apple devices in education: you can partner with teachers, parents, and students in creating the best learning environment, without ever touching a device.

Comparing Jamf School and Jamf Pro for mobile device management

Learn more about Jamf School

Download Jamf School Overview (PDF)

Jamf School Overview

Download (PDF)
Five Apple Features to Drive Education (PDF)

Five Apple Features to Drive Education

Download (PDF)