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Data Recovery

We can attempt to recover data from a malfunctioning drive using different methods, depending on the nature of the failure. Data recovery services are available for desktop, laptop, external and RAID mechanical drives.

Soft Recovery (In-House)

Sometimes our customers request data recovery services because their computers no longer boot or they lose access to their accounts. This may occur as a consequence of a software malfunction that prevents you from accessing your files.

If our technicians determine that there is no logical (a failure due to a defect in the electronics of the drive, not originated by software) or mechanical failure (a failure of the physical components of the drive) to your drive, then they will attempt to backup your files (or your entire user account) onto a separate drive. All this information will then be transferred back onto your original hard drive, after correcting the software malfunction that originally prevented you from accessing your files.

The fee for this service ranges from $125 to $250.

Forensic Recovery (In-House)

Data Forensic Applications can be used to attempt to recover your files in two different situations; when data has been lost due to software malfunction and when the drive's functionality has been degraded due to logical or mechanical malfunction, but the drive is still operational.

Our technicians will discuss the costs, risks, benefits and chances of recovering your files for your particular case using Data Forensic Applications or performing a hardware recovery (below).

The fee for this service ranges from $125 to $300.

Hardware Recovery (Clean Room)

In the cases where a logical or mechanical malfunction is present and the drive is not operational, you have the option of having the drive sent to a sealed clean room where the defective parts will be replaced.

Please note that the purpose of replacing failing parts in a hard drive is not to get the drive back to you as a "refurbished" component, but rather to get the drive to work temporarily to extract data.

Your files will be copied onto an external drive and the failing drive will be discarded after the data has been recovered.

The fee for this service is $1,450.

Hard Drive Platter

Data recovery on Solid State Drives or PCIe Flash Drives

Solid State and PCIe Flash drives are 100% electronic components without any mechanical parts. The lack of mechanical parts within the drive substantially lowers their rate of failure.

That being said- the chances of recovering data from a solid state/PCIe flash drive with a logical failure are much slimmer than a mechanical drive, but your chances of recovering data due to a software failure remain unaffected.

At Mac Business Solutions, all levels of service are available for these drives, please call our service department to explore the possibilities of data recovery.