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Apple Warranty Service

Apple Authorized Service Provider

MBS is an Apple Authorized Service Provider with more than 30 years of experience serving consumers, businesses and government agencies alike.

Apple Authorized Service Provider

Service options and turnaround time

Most Apple computers or devices under warranty can be repaired in-house at MBS. Our Apple Certified Technicians will diagnose your Apple device and provide you with different service options, including flat-rate repairs and emergency (rushed) service.

As an Authorized Apple Service Provider, MBS is obligated to order service parts from Apple on a per-incident basis.

Parts are ordered the same day our Technicians diagnose the computer and shipped overnight. In rare occasions shipments get delayed and that may affect your repair's turnaround time.

Ask our technicians about our Service Loaner Program if you need to have a working computer while you wait for your repair work to be completed.

Apple Macintosh warranty service

In-House warranty service

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, we accept the Apple Limited One Year Warranty as well as the AppleCare extended warranty and AppleCare+.

The Apple Limited Warranty will cover your Apple computer against defects in materials and workmanship when used normally for a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase by the end-user.

AppleCare Box

The AppleCare Extended Warranty adds two more years of coverage on top of the Apple Limited Warranty, for a total of three years of warranty.

Neither the Apple Limited Warranty nor the AppleCare Extended Warranty cover damage caused as consequence of an accident - such as liquid spills - misuse or abuse of the computer.

Emergency Service is not covered by these warranties.

Check Warranty Coverage

You can check if you computer is currently under either the standard Apple Warranty or extended AppleCare warranty by entering the serial number of the device you want to have serviced this page: https://checkcoverage.apple.com/

Check Warranty Coverage

How to find your serial number

Please visit this page to learn how to find your device's serial number: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204308

Learn how to find your serial number

On-site warranty service

The area described by the blue circle is exempt from any travel fees.

Apple desktop computers such as Mac Pro, iMac and Mac mini are eligible for On-Site service as long as they are covered by an Apple warranty.

To have an MBS technician to diagnose and repair your Apple computer on-site, please call 1-800-SOS-APPL and ask to have an MBS technician to come to your place.

If your on-site service requests requires our technician to travel more than 50 miles from MBS' location, a $100 travel fee will be added to the service fee. Please note that on-site Service is dispatched only from our Gaithersburg office.

iPad, iPod and iPhone warranty service

iPad and iPod

In most cases iPads and iPods are not repaired In-House. Our service Technicians will perform diagnostic work to determine if the fault is originated by either a software or hardware problem. In the latter case, we will request Apple to send us an exchange unit, which normally arrives within one to two business days. The total turnaround time (including diagnostics) should not exceed four business days. Your defective iPad/iPod is sent to Apple to be recycled.


Depending on the iPhone model, some repairs can be done In-House. These repairs include battery, camera and speaker replacement. In all other cases, we will request Apple to send an exchange unit. Just like with iPads/iPods, your iPhone will be sent to Apple to be recycled. The total turnaround time for iPhone replacements is five to seven business days.

Loaner iPhone Program

Loaner iPhones are available only for warranty repairs, depending on availability. There is no Loaner iPad/iPod Program available at this time.

Accidental Damage Warranty


One of many AppleCare+ benefits is that it adds accidental damage warranty coverage on top of the workmanship or parts coverage provided by Apple's standard warranty.

The service procedure is very similar to that implemented on devices covered under Apple's Standard Warranty. Your device will be sent to Apple for recycling and a replacement device will be sent back to us. The new device will be factory-reset and will not contain any of the data stored in your defective device.

Last but not Least

Backup your data

Please note that no warranty work includes data recovery or data transfer. The replacement unit will come factory-reset, with no account created and no user data.

Make sure you have your iPad, iPod or iPhone data backed on your computer or on iCloud so you can restore your information back onto the replacement device.

How to use Time Machine to back up your Mac How to backup your iOS device

About unauthorized repairs

Having your Apple device serviced by someone who is not an Apple Authorized Service Provider not only voids your warranty, it will also prevent Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider from servicing your device regardless of warranty status.

Apple Service Providers such as MBS are contractually obligated to refuse service to any device that has been opened and/or serviced by a non-authorized service provider.