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Out of Warranty Apple Service

We are an Apple Authorized Service Provider

MBS is an Apple Authorized Service Provider with more than 30 years of experience serving consumers, businesses and government agencies alike.

Apple Authorized Service Provider

In-House Out of Warranty Service

Computers and devices no longer covered by Apple’s warranty or AppleCare program can still be repaired at MBS, Inc. Our Apple Certified technicians can diagnose the problem and provide an estimate including parts and labor.

Most work is done within an hour, but there are situations that take longer to complete. After the first billed hour we will bill in 30 minute increments.

There are odd occasions where purchasing a new Mac will be recommended over fixing the older computer. We have a top sales group that can provide you with pricing for new systems custom configured to your needs.

Diagnostic work

This simply means that we will examine your device and let you know what we think the problem may be including the cost to fix it. However, this estimate can be subject to modification as other parts may be involved that were unable to be evaluated initially. Should this occur you will be called for a new authorization before any additional work is done.

Normal work

Normal work means that you bring your computer in and we look at it in the order it was received. We will contact you if needed for new parts approvals, then correct the problems, test and release. If it is only a software problem then we assume you want it corrected and we do so, test it and release the computer. These are usually completed within the first hour, however, most cases involving normal repairs may mean leaving the computer here for 1 to 3 business days, depending on the problem(s).

Emergency work

When you declare that you want us to look at your computer immediately, you are asking for emergency work. This means that your computer will be moved to the head of the incoming line and will be the next computer seen by the service department.

On-Site Out of Warranty Service

The area described by the blue circle is exempt from any travel fees.

There is a minimum 2-hour charge for on-site service (rated at $150/hr). Additionally, if your on-site service requests requires our technician to travel more than 50 miles from MBS' location, a $100 travel fee will be added to the service fee.

Please note that on-site Service is dispatched only from our Gaithersburg office.

Out of Warranty iPad, iPod and iPhone Repairs

iPads, iPods and iPhones not covered under any Apple Warranty can be exchanged with a replacement unit for a nominal fee, and depends on the device being replaced.

Our service Technicians will perform diagnostic work to determine if the fault is originated by either a software or hardware problem. In the latter case, we will request Apple to send us an exchange unit, which normally arrives within one to two business days. The total turnaround time (including diagnostics) should not exceed four business days.

In most cases, your defective device can be exchanged even if it has been damaged accidentally. However, in rare occasions Apple may refuse to do the exchange depending on how damaged your iPad/iPod or iPhone is. In that case, your damaged device will be returned to us and the exchange will be cancelled.