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Integrating Apple® devices into your organization is a money-saving decision that will increase your productivity and reduce service costs. And integrating them doesn't need to be a challenge for you.

Let our Certified Apple Engineers assist you in every step of the integration process, working with your IT department to successfully integrate new Apple desktop and mobile devices into your organization.

We are dedicated Apple Consultants

You may have found that other consultants who claim to support Apple devices are primarily Windows consultants. As a result, stubborn problems you have faced with your macOS and iOS devices have never really been put to rest. We specialize in macOS and iOS, with more than three decades deploying, servicing and managing Apple devices.

Practical experience

Our Apple Consultants have worked in business environments supporting thousands of devices. We understand the issues facing our clients because we have addressed them before. Our consultants have worked in single and mixed-platform environments.


For our clients who primarily use Windows, we have the necessary practical knowledge and experience to integrate macOS and iOS devices into Windows environments, dealing with various software, app, email, security and administration issues.

Solutions suited to your business

We also understand your real world requirements-and specifically, your real world constraints. We know our solutions must suit your business structure, daily operations, personnel, and budget. We’re here to make your life easier and will only make recommendations appropriate for your small, mid-size, or enterprise level environments.

Small Business

Small Businesses and start-ups are generally focused on daily operations. With a limited number of computers, system downtime can be critical to the success of your business. We understand the importance of solving immediate problems and will respond in a timely manner.

Mid-Sized Business

Mid-size businesses often have multi-platform systems, but often do not have a person with significant Apple technical experience on staff. As many of these companies have a limited number of Macs to support, a full-time expert is not financially feasible.

Enterprise Level

MBS has extensive experience consulting for large businesses. We understand the “big picture” common to a large corporate structure. We are aware of the possible interdepartmental issues, senior management buy-in, and corporate budget limitations.

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